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Four educational institutions of secondary professional education have been accredited 

At the regular meeting of the Accreditation Board of the Agency for Accreditation of educational programs and organizations held on October 23, 2018, it was decided to accredit 14 educational programs of the following 4 educational institutions of secondary professional education for a period of 5 years:

1. Bishkek agro-economic College named after S. Tursunova - 3 educational programs;

2. Humanitarian and economic College "Abay" - 2 educational programs;

3. Department of SPE of the Kyrgyz-Uzbek University - 4 educational programs;

4. Medical College of Kyrgyz-Uzbek University - educational programs.

As a result of independent accreditation, the expert commissions of the AAEPO offered recommendations for improving the quality of education in these educational institutions. Over the next five years, the AAEPO will carry out annual monitoring of the activities of the educational institutions for the implementation of the recommendations of the expert commissions.

Let us remind you that the essence of accreditation is to determine the compliance of the educational program or educational institution with the pre-accepted quality standards. At the same time, accreditation is aimed not only at assessing, but also at developing recommendations for improving the quality of the educational program or the activities of the educational institution, as well as the effectiveness of the interaction of social partners in the direction of improving the educational program or institution.